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Homeopathic Teething Remedies

It’s happened to every parent: just as you’re getting ready to fall asleep your little bundle of joy starts crying loud enough to wake up the whole block. Your baby is not hungry, it doesn’t need a diaper change, and cuddling doesn’t seem to do the trick either. One of the only possibilities left is… Read more

Is Your Teen Considering Teeth Whitening?

Your teens have two options when trying to achieve that pearly white, movie star smile; in office teeth bleaching and at-home care. Both teeth whitening options utilize peroxide-based bleaching agents. With an in-office bleaching results are immediate, the relatively quick procedure requires patients to visit their dentist where he/she will use a much stronger bleaching… Read more

Our Exclusive Q&A with the Tooth Fairy

There’s a lot we really don’t know about the Tooth Fairy. Let’s face it – the Tooth Fairy is a busy lady, what with millions of thousands of teeth to collect on a nightly basis. We had the exclusive opportunity to sit down with this timeless figure and ask a few questions. In her first… Read more