Let’s face it – many of us don’t adhere to dentist recommended brushing techniques even as adults. Our daily routine is often mindless, brushing our teeth typically the last obstacle prior to running out the door for work or turning in for the night.how to brush your teeth the right way, for kids and adults alike!
How do we expect our kids to brush their teeth in accordance with guidelines we aren’t following ourselves? Perhaps it’s time to brush up on our own brushing skills!
Somewhat surprisingly, the biggest brushing mistake occurs before you even dispense the toothpaste – not using a proper brush almost defeats the purpose of regular cleanings. It’s essential to consider the size of your mouth when choosing a brush, making sure you retire it every three to four months.
Do you keep your toothbrush within your shower? Using a perpetually soggy brush is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria – the nasty stuff you’re trying to eliminate through every cleaning. Dentists suggest you shake out the moisture and cap your brush with an opening to allow for airflow.
Does having an electric toothbrush make a difference? According to dentists, manual brushes are just as effective provided you’re using them correctly. Aim the bristles toward your gum at a 45-degree angle and use short vertical strokes. The average horizontal stroke can actually cause abrasions along your gums.
Brushing the same area of your mouth reduces the effectiveness of your cleaning, increasing the likelihood that you skip inner tooth surfaces less visible. Start brushing in different areas of the mouth when you begin, ensuring you distribute your effort equally.
Practice great brushing habits and you can easily relay the experience to your kids, setting them up for a lifetime of great oral health! We’re here to help you every step of the way.