There’s a lot we really don’t know about the Tooth Fairy. Let’s face it – the Tooth Fairy is a busy lady, what with millions of thousands of teeth to collect on a nightly basis.
We had the exclusive opportunity to sit down with this timeless figure and ask a few questions. In her first public interview ever, we finally shed some light on one of the most famous fairies in history.

Tooth Fairy Interview

Tooth Fairy
SV: Thanks for doing this interview with us, Tooth Fairy. By the way, do you go by anything else other than ‘Tooth Fairy’?
TF: It’s my pleasure. And call me Trish.
SV: Interesting. So, tell us Trish – how did you get into the business of … tooth fairying?
TF: People ask me this all the time. I know, I know … collecting teeth is a bit peculiar but it’s a timeless trade back in the fairy world. I’m actually a fifth generation Tooth Fairy.
SV: Do you mean to say there’s other Tooth related fairies out there like yourself?
TF: Sure! I mean, you didn’t really think I could collect all those teeth alone, did you? In fact, my great, great, great grandfather was a pioneer of the tooth fairying business going back hundreds of years.
SV: So that must mean you fairies live a long time, don’t you?
TF: I actually just celebrated my 246th birthday last weekend.
SV: Jeez, that’s pretty old!
TF: Hey! Not in fairy years!
SV: Our misunderstanding. Say, Trish, any advice for the kids out there?
TF: Yes, absolutely. That old trick of tying a string to a loose tooth and connecting the end of it to a doorknob? It never works. Just be patient!
SV: Trish, we understand how busy you must be. Thanks for your time today.
TF: Oh, sure thing. By the way, I can tell you still need to floss today.