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Best Teeth: Phoenix Suns Edition

Arizona is getting ramped up again for another NBA season and this year’s offseason has brought a lot of new faces to the Phoenix Suns. In celebration, we’re giving you the best and brightest smiles on the Suns roster. Here are our picks for this year: Tyson Chandler One of the newest faces to come… Read more

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Gilbert Recreation Center Programs for Kids

If you’re looking for fun ways to expand your child’s horizons and give her some great opportunities to interact with other children and participate in fun activities, Gilbert’s Parks and Recreations program has you covered! Enrollment is now open for Gilbert residents and nonresidents to sign up for Gilbert Recreation Center’s Fall programs and classes…. Read more

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Do I need to Floss My Infant’s (few) Teeth?

We’ve all been told that it’s important to brush and floss our teeth from our parents and from the dentist since we were children. Now that you’re a parent, you get to impart that same wisdom to your children, starting when your child is still an infant. As soon as your child graduates into the… Read more

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Your Child’s Age 1 Dental Visit

If you have a one year old at home, then you’re aware of all the important milestones that your baby’s crossing. Along with her quickly developing sense of the world, you child will also most likely have started getting her baby teeth. This means that another important milestone is about to be reached; her first… Read more

Digital Compass

Should I Allow My Phone to Access My Location?

Modern technology has advanced to the point that it’s now a common saying that the phone in your pocket is a far more powerful computer than the one on board Apollo 11 during its historic lunar mission. It’s true that at any point, your smartphone knows exactly where you are as long as the GPS… Read more