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Sun Valley Pediatric Dental FAQs

Many parents, especially new parents, have a lot of questions on how to ensure the health and safety of their children. While you may know a lot about how to keep your own oral health up to speed, you may not know much about the particular needs that children have regarding their teeth. Here are… Read more

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Our Best Tips for Preventing Childhood Cavities

Especially if you’re a new parent, you may have difficulty figuring out how much dental care your child needs. You may also not know that childhood tooth decay is the #1 chronic childhood illness. It is five times more common than asthma and seven times more common than hay fever. It can lead to a… Read more

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Information on Tooth Decay

If you’ve ever been told as a kid that you have a cavity, then you’ve experienced firsthand what tooth decay is. While we’ve all been told by our dentists as children that cavities are bad, not everyone may know what they are exactly and how they start. Here’s some more information on what tooth decay… Read more

Dental Hygiene in the Wild

Arizona has long been a destination for outdoorsy types. Boasting some of the greatest hiking and camping spots in the nation in close proximity to the Greater Phoenix metro area, there are so many places to get back in touch with nature. While you’re at it, though, it’s important to keep your oral health up… Read more

Send Your Kids Back to School with a Healthy Smile

Along with new clothes, new supplies and possibly an annual physical, getting your child’s teeth cleaned is another to-do to add to the list before the school year begins. While it’s important for everyone to visit the dentist at least twice a year, the end of summer vacation is a great time for kids to… Read more