Today we profile an animal that’s a real blast from the past – the epically cool stegosaurus!
These dynamic dinosaurs lived long, long ago – roughly 150 million years ago to be exact. This period in time was referred to as the Late Jurassic period.
Curious where the name stegosaurus comes from? The word loosely translates to roof lizard or covered lizard, a reference no doubt unto the bony plates found along the length of its back. This unique physical attribute make the stegosaurus one of easiest to recognize dinosaurs around.
Those trademark spikes have given many scientists pause – what were they used for? The popular theory is the plates were used as a form of defense – after all, the Jurassic world was a dangerous place to be.
The average stegosaurus is would simply dwarf most humans – these mammoth reptiles were actually as big as a bus! While their size would certainly intimidate smaller individuals – say, perhaps your dentist – we probably had little to fear in terms of being made a meal. It’s a safe bet these guys loved salad! The stegosaurus, due to its low profile to the ground, likely feasted on low-lying shrubs.
You might think a giant lizard like stegosaurus would have a big ol’ brain, but nope – not the case here, we’re afraid. With all apologies to the mighty stegosaurus, this scaly beast had a similar brain as your average dog. You wouldn’t find stegosaurus doing much rocket science, that’s for sure.
Sadly, dinosaurs like the stegosaurus aren’t roaming the earth these days – which is probably for the best, can you imagine these guys walking down the highway? For kids interested in reliving the glory of the mighty stegosaurus, seek out museums that showcase dinosaur fossils. It’s one of the most exciting ways to experience history!