pediatric servicesPromoting good oral health at an early age is extremely important for your child’s teeth and gums. But despite teaching your child the proper way to brush and floss, they will still run into some trouble and may need one of the pediatric services we offer.

What Pediatric Services Does My Child Need?

One of the most common pediatric procedures is a flouride treatment, which only takes about four minutes and helps prevent tooth decay and cavities. We have an assortment of different flavors of flouride so your child can have an easy time with the treatment.
If your child has an active lifestyle, another common pediatric procedure is esthetic dentistry. This procedure involves the application of pediatric crowns which provide a nice solution for discolored, chipped, or broken teeth. At Sun Valley Pediatric Dentistry, we can offer either tooth-colored plastic to be bonded to the damaged tooth, or a cement tooth-colored crown.
Keep in mind that both bonded teeth and pediatric crowns are not as strong as the original structure of the tooth. They can be easily damaged by nail biting, hard foods, and accidental injuries.
Another one of the most common pediatric services we offer here at Sun Valley is a filling. When children fail to brush and floss as they’re supposed to, plaque builds up and causes damage to the tooth.  Our expert dentists can repair the damaged tooth by first removing the damaged part of the tooth with a special drill, then by filling the hole with a special material.
In order to prevent cavities and other oral infections, it’s important to teach your child the proper way to brush and floss. For more information on the pediatric services we offer our patients and how we can help your child keep their mouth healthy and clean, contact us today!