Tips for brushing your teethBrushing your teeth might seem like a pretty easy task. But even the best brushers out there might be missing some key elements to getting the most out of their daily routine. That’s why we’ve put together our top five tips for brushing your teeth. Enjoy!

1. Be careful not to brush too much: One of the biggest mistakes people make when brushing is, surprisingly, brushing too much. By brushing your teeth more than three times a day, you might actually cause damage to your gums and begin to make them weaker.
2. Make sure you are brushing for enough time: Another common mistake people make is not brushing for long enough. Most people tend to brush their teeth between 30 and 60 seconds. It is recommended by most dentists to brush from at least one to two minutes, some say even three minutes.
3. Use the right brush for you: If your toothbrush is too small or too big, it may not be comfortable to use in your mouth. The handle of your toothbrush should also be comfortable in your hand. The more comfortable your toothbrush is, the more likely you are going to use it and use it properly.
Some people prefer electric over manual, and vice-versa. It really comes down to personal preference and, again, what feels most comfortable to you!
4. Try starting in a different place every time you brush: By starting the brushing process in the same place every time, people tend to get into the habit of being lazy and bored with the brushing process altogether. Starting the brushing process in a different place in your mouth every time will switch things up and help you become more energetic with your brushing.
5. Always, always rinse: You’d be surprised to find that some people do not rinse when they are done brushing their teeth. This might be one of the most important steps in brushing, as it eliminates any extra plaque buildup and bacteria that may have been left behind in your mouth after brushing.