crayola-markerMore and more kids are starting to love their toothbrush these days. We know – it sounds crazy – but it’s true! The modern toothbrush has evolved, dental technicians have developed an experience more engaging and fun for children. Here’s how …
We tell our kids to do a lot of things – clean your room, wash your plate, take out the trash – and it’s hard to wield their notoriously short attention spans long enough to see the job come to completion. Many parents quickly find the solution is ultimately a well devised distraction.
Very young children will love the singing toothbrush.  Younger audiences typically respond well to auditory cues, and the singing toothbrush dutifully introduces this element to the brushing routine. These toothbrushes are designed to play music for the full length dentists recommend for a thorough cleaning, about two minutes on average. Slightly older kids can also find some of their favorite artists – little ladies, does One Direction catch your attention?
Have an aspiring Picasso on your hands? Kids will love Crayola inspired toothbrushes. Toothbrushes that help express your child’s personality and interests are key to making brushing every night a labor of love. Bright colors and funky designs easily appeal to more expressive and imaginative audiences.
Let’s not forget about the importance of flossing. Equally essential to a good bill of oral health, flossing is a tough regimen to stick to even for adults – kids present a pretty unique challenge. How can you make the experience less begrudging?
Fortunately flossers are developed much in the same way as toothbrushes for children. Kids between the ages of 5-11 will appreciate these dinosaur flossers, specially fortified with fluoride. It may take a little work to get your kids using them regularly, but it’s worth the time investment!