Do you need a solution for missing teeth? Sun Valley dentists have some terrific options for you to choose from to fix those unsightly gaps in your smile.
Missing teeth in your mouth is far more than just a cosmetic issue – over time it can cause some major complications. Without the help of your regular teeth, chewing food can destabilize your jaw and create some painful conditions.
Gaps in your mouth can often be treated with braces. While closing these gaps can make a huge difference in your smile, it also helps regulate your bite and prevents other oral problems down the road. There are several styles of braces to choose from on any budget!
Dental implants are a more direct answer to missing teeth. A dental implant is a metal or porcelain tooth made to look like the natural teeth in your mouth. Some children are born without a permanent tooth or lose them to injury, leaving them in need of this replacement tooth. Our pediatric specialists will evaluate whether this solution is right for you.
Yet another solution is the addition of a dental bridge. Bridges can be used to replace several missing teeth, maintain face shape and relieve any stress you experience throughout your bite. Our skilled team will ensure you receive the best replacement bridge possible to replace your missing teeth.
Your dental bridge can be made from various materials and colored to match the natural teeth in your mouth. We promise nobody will be able to tell the difference!
Don’t limit your smile with missing teeth. Sun Valley dentists will help you find the perfect solution to replace the missing teeth in your mouth based off your financial needs. Schedule an appointment with us today and get your smile back on the right track!