Arizona pediatrics know a thing or two about keeping kids entertained, and this summer we have no shortage of cool arts and crafts guaranteed to keep them busy. Ready to get your hands a little dirty?
Sun Melt Crayon Candle
Those sweltering Arizona summer afternoons can keep us confined to the indoors huddled around a billowing air conditioner. Why not put that excessive heat to good use and make yourself a new candle in the process? Here’s what you’ll need …

  • A large mason jar
  • An old box of crayons
  • Candle wicking
  • A sheet of tin foil

This simple ‘art’ project is sure to keep your kids busy for an afternoon and it’s a great way to recycle an old box of crayons you might have laying around. Let’s get started!
Step 1
You’ll want to begin by enlisting your little helper/helpers to peel off the paper covering the crayons. For a truly spectacular crayon candle, you’ll want to use as many colors as you possible can. It might seem tedious but it’s totally worth it!
Step 2
Layer your mason jar with the colored crayons. This is your kid’s chance to become an artist – do they want a hodgepodge of different colors or separate layers with their favorite color on top? The possibilities are pretty much endless here.
Step 3
Push your candle wicking to the bottom of the mason jar and do your best to center it. If you find the strain is too long, you can always cut it later.
Step 4
Find a nice little spot in the sun where your crayon candle will melt evenly. While this process can take upwards to 5 hours to complete, that relentless Arizona sun should finish the job in no more than 3. You might want to layer the jar in foil to speed things even further.
Step 5
Wa-la! A new candle for the family to enjoy! As an added bonus, your kids might even learn a thing or two about solar power and reusable energy in the process of crafting.
Stay tuned for more fun summer craft ideas from the Arizona pediatrics at Sun Valley!