With the start of the New Year, you’ve probably made a few resolutions. Many people’s resolutions center on living a healthier lifestyle, being more organized, or improving their lives in one way or another. As a parent, have you ever made resolutions regarding your children? If not, why not start now?dentist241`
Did you know that oral health plays a major part in your child’s overall wellness? Infections in the mouth can spread throughout the body. It is incredibly important to keep up on your child’s oral health, which includes their bi-annual dental cleanings. Remember, a healthy mouth paves the way for a healthy body.
Did your child have dental work done in 2014, but part was left untreated because insurance benefits ran out? With the new year, benefits have renewed, so now is the perfect time to bring your child in. Tooth decay can be treated and in some cases reversed when caught early on. This means less money for you and less discomfort for your child.
If you’re in the Gilbert, Mesa, or Avondale area, give Sun Valley Pediatric Dentistry a call and schedule your child’s checkup and cleaning. Nothing is more important than the peace of mind that your child is healthy and on the right track.