There is an old joke that suggests the busiest time of year for dentists must be around Halloween time. While that’s not necessarily true – sorry, amateur comedians – it’s easy to understand the perception with so much candy laying around.preventing cavities on halloween
Are you worried that your child’s new candy diet will affect his or her next dental checkup? Follow some expert advice from those who know best – pediatric dentists!
The first thing you want to do is have a semi-serious chat with your kids about being responsible with their new-found plunder – it takes an element of self-control to weather the sea of candy. Outline some ground rules that they can easily abide by; candy binging should only happen at designated times of the day.
Not all candies are created equal, as any child willing to trade you Krackle bars for Milky Ways will be sure to tell you. Certain candies have are actually worse for your teeth. Suckers and other hard candies expose teeth to sugar for prolonged periods of time. It’s not a bad idea to limit the access your child has to these candies in one sitting.
Following good brushing habits is hugely important in curbing the effects of these sweet treats. Dental experts strongly recommend immediately brushing teeth following a serious candy binge – sugar slowly degrades the integrity of the enamel, the protective outer surface of the teeth.
Help your child go the extra mile during their brushing routine – get them flossing. Set a great example for your children by flossing alongside them, it help shows you’re willing to practice what you preach. It’s also a great reminder to keep your own flossing habits in check.
Halloween fun doesn’t have to be compromised by dental care – cover your bases and it’s still a frightfully good time!