AOral care and proper brushing is incredibly important for your young ones! Whether your children still have their baby teeth or their permanent teeth have emerged, young teeth are more sensitive than grown adult teeth.
We also know that oral hygiene doesn’t exactly scream “fun” to youngsters. Here are Canyon Trails’ tips for making oral care fun for kids.

Everyone Brushes

Make sure your kids know that everyone brushes their teeth, even mommies and daddies. You can do this by brushing your teeth with your children. Stand side-by-side in the mirror and have your children mimic your brushing technique.
This might even improve your own dental hygiene!

Fun Facts!

Children love to learn! You can show your children fun dental facts from our blog or on the Kid’s World page at This provides fun stories and facts that explain why oral health is important and how to avoid cavities and getting your teeth pulled.

Listen to a Fun Song

Dentists recommend that everyone brush for at least two minutes every time you brush. Put on a fun song that the whole family enjoys that is about that long. I know parents might be tired of hearing songs from Frozen but the “In Summer” song from the Disney motion picture is the perfect length for a good brushing!

Get a Cool Tooth Brush

Brushing can be more fun if your kids are doing it with their favorite super hero or Disney character. Head over to your local pharmacy to pick out a fun toothbrush that will make brushing your teeth a blast!

Plaque Disclosing Tablets

Plaque disclosing tablets can be found at your local drug store. When chewed these reveal all of the plaque that has built up in the mouth. Have your child chew on a tablet before the begin brushing to show them how important eliminating plaque can be.