We use one multiple times throughout the day. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. We even have some for our pets and other animals! Toothbrushes are the the essential instrument used to keep our mouths healthy and clean, but have you ever wondered how they’re made?

How do they make toothbrushes?

The first step in making a toothbrush is aquiring the necessary materials. For the handle, you’ll need some plastic and for the bristles, some synthetic fibers such as nylon. Next, plastic pellets are melted and placed into a molding machine while a small core is placed into the handle which will later carry the bristles. When the handles have cooled they are forced out of the molds and positioned to receive the bristles.
The bristles are placed into the core of the handle and are attached with tiny metal staples. Next, the bristles are trimmed and cut into shape depending on the intensity (soft, medium, or hard). Some bristles are cut straight while others are cut in a unique pattern. This all depends on the brand’s request.
Since everyone has their own preference in a toothbrush, some are made with different shaped heads, bristles, or handles, making for hundreds of different types available for purchase.
Once the toothbrushes have been shaped and sized correctly, the finished products are sent to the American Dental Association to be inspected and receive a stamp of approval. The approved toothbrushes are finally packaged and sent across the country to pharmacies, grocery stores, and dentist offices.
Who would have guessed that the process of making a tooth brush could be so much work? Think about how your toothbrush was made the next time you’re brushing your pearly whites!
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