We all remember our parents hollering at us to, “Brush your teeth and get ready for bed.” Those dreaded words cued the end of playtime and cartoons meaning no more fun! But what if you could make the act of brushing your teeth a fun activity for both children and adults?making toothbrushing fun for kids
These tips and tricks for tooth brushing fun will make sure your children’s’ smiles are happy and healthy. These might even improve your own oral health!

  1. Brush Together: Children mimic their parents’ actions. Try standing side-by-side in front of the bathroom mirror and brush your teeth together. Show your kids your brushing technique and encourage them to copy you. This is also a good opportunity for you to evaluate your own homecare routine.
  2. Super Toothbrush: If your child has a favorite superhero or Disney character, buy them a tooth brush depicting the cartoon. Almost all superheroes and Disney characters have their own toothbrush; just check the dental section of your local pharmacy.
  3. Tasty toothpaste: Children are more averse to unfamiliar or intense flavors. Several toothpaste purveyors make fun flavors that kids love when they’re brushing their teeth.
  4. Listen to a Song: Everyone should be brushing their teeth for at least two minutes. So pick a song around that time limit and play it during your tooth brushing session.
  5. Track Progress with a Sticker Poster: Using a bright piece of construction paper on your bathroom wall, create a monthly calendar. Every time your child successfully brushes their teeth place a sticker on the corresponding day. Your children will love to play with the stickers and see their brushing streak grow.

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