If you have a newborn at home, you have a lot to think about.  You might be wondering when her baby teeth are going to start coming in, and when you can expect her to start showing signs of teething.  Although your baby’s primary teeth (baby teeth) can start showing up in any order, most babies follow the same pattern.

Your child’s teeth actually start developing before birth, but they typically start appearing at about six months old, when the middle bottom teeth start appearing, followed by the top two middle teeth.  From there, the teeth beside the middle ones come in, and then the teeth beside them.  It continues on from there until your baby has 20 little chompers. Although some children are actually born with one tooth or more and others remain toothless until they’re more than a year old, this is the general timeframe for primary tooth eruption and the typical age when they fall out.

The appearance of baby teeth is not at all influenced by your baby’s diet or general state of health.  Teeth simply grow in their own time, but here’s a chart showing the typical ages.


This process can take up to two and a half years, but it is recommended that you take your baby to the pediatric dentist before her first birthday.  Your Phoenix, Arizona pediatric dentist can ensure that your child’s teeth are developing properly and talk to you about how to handle teething symptoms.  Getting your child used to going to the dentist early on can also help her build a lifetime of healthy dental habits!