While your teeth and mouth is a serious health priority, we also think that your smile is important too. We hunted down some of our favorite true stories of overcoming adversity and the power of love and compiled them here!
Inspiring Youtube Videos
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Are you an animal lover? Then you must watch this video about a chimpanzee named Wounda  as she thanks her human friends (including Jane Goodall) as they release her back into the wild life. Wounda got her name from being on the verge of death, but was miraculously nurtured back to health. There are more than 160 chimpanzee’s living in Jane Goodall’s rehabilitation center in Africa, just like Wounda. We hope they will get to experience the same joy of being able to return home.

A former military parachuter is unable to walk because of his knees and back; he has also gained weight and is in dire need of help. After reaching out to numerous yoga instructors, he finally finds one man who will help him. Watch his transformation, as he not only loses weight, but takes his life back with the power of determination.

Warning: Tear Jerker. Terminally ill, Zach Sobiech spends his last days with his family and friends, creating music and making those around him smile. Just because you have cancer doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy life and smile, take it from this teen.

Behold the power of music! Workers at a Nursing Home brought an ipod with headphones to one of their patients who was unresponsive and witnessed a sight to behold! He moved around and hummed along to gospel music and even to some of his favorite jazz musician.