the importance of flossing in kidsHealthy habits start at an early age. That’s why it’s vital for you to incorporate the importance of flossing when teaching your child how to brush. Explain to your kids that brushing only helps to eliminate a certain amount of bacteria in the mouth, and that flossing helps get rid of food particles and other harmful bacteria that can be found between the teeth.
Getting your kids to brush may be difficult, so here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you in the process:

Make It Fun

Hygiene may be a difficult concept for your young one to grasp in general. By making brushing and flossing a fun and rewarding activity, your child  will naturally begin to see the benefits of proper oral care.
You can do things like make a progress chart to keep track of your child’s flossing. Reward your child with a trip to their favorite park or with a healthy snack!

Let Them Choose

By providing your son or daughter with the floss of your choosing may lead to him or her thinking, “I’m being made to do this, so I don’t actually want to do this.”
Instead, bring your child to the grocery store or pharmacy and allow them to choose the floss they want. It’s obvious that you should guide your child in choosing a toothpaste that is kid friendly.

Set a Good Example

Who do kids look up to the most when it comes to most things? You! That’s why it’s extremely important for you as a parent to lead by example and floss with your child.
You and your spouse should do  your best to include yourselves in the flossing process with your child as much as possible to show them that flossing is fun and important, and that even adults need to floss too! 
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