Baby tooth getting loose? Your child might be on the tooth fairy’s agenda soon! Let’s talk about how to prepare for the tooth fairy so, everyone can make sure they are ready when it’s time for a visit!

Why Do Baby Teeth Fall Out?

It can feel confusing when your child experiences a loose tooth for the first time. But it can also feel exciting because it means they are growing up, and their adult or permanent teeth will soon come in.

Your child might have many questions so it can be good to prepare ahead of time for how you want to answer them. Talking with them about their baby and adult teeth in a way they can understand can help make losing their baby teeth a positive experience.

What to Do When a Baby Tooth Falls Out

When one of your child’s baby teeth becomes loose, you can be almost certain that it will soon fall out. Usually, baby teeth fall out without discomfort or complications. If you feel concerned at all, though, trust your parental intuition and give your child’s dentist a call! You don’t need to do a lot to prepare besides explaining the process to your child.

Telling your child about the tooth fairy and talking with them about how to prepare for the tooth fairy to visit can be a great way to help make the experience a fun and exciting one, especially if your child is creative and imaginative.

Who Is the Tooth Fairy?

The tooth fairy is known all over the world and can appear in many different forms, so when talking with your child about the tooth fairy, it’s important to stay open to the imagination! Your child might imagine the tooth fairy as a tiny princess or even a favorite animal such as a kitten or a mouse.

Most dentists are good friends with the tooth fairy, so don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions or need more ideas! Talking with your child about how the tooth fairy likes to use clean, bright, and strong teeth to build her castle can encourage your child to practice good dental habits. The important thing is that in learning how to prepare for the tooth fairy, your child learns how to keep their teeth healthy, so they are ready for their permanent teeth.

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