It’s happened to every parent: just as you’re getting ready to fall asleep your little bundle of joy starts crying loud enough to wake up the whole block. Your baby is not hungry, it doesn’t need a diaper change, and cuddling doesn’t seem to do the trick either. One of the only possibilities left is that your child is teething.
How do you know if your child is teething? If your baby has puffy gums or is drooling excessively, it’s almost certain he or she is going through the process. Other signs  include excessive chewing and even diarrhea.
Teething can be a painful process for your youngster, and sometimes the advice from your friends with babies just doesn’t work. Here is a list of 5 homeopathic teething remedies to help you and your baby get through this journey.
Amber Teething Necklaceamber teething necklace
When it comes to homeopathic teething remedies, the amber teething necklace is at the top of many people’s list because of their natural healing ability and their fashionable looks!
Wood Teething Toys
Available in a number of fun shapes and child-safe sizes, wood teething toys are a great option for your teething baby and to avoid any potentially toxic teethers.
Hylands Baby Teething Tabletsteething tablets
By far one of the most recommended solutions for homeopathic teething remedies, Hylands brand Baby Teething tablets are a great way to keep a fussy baby happy.
Frozen Veggies
Here’s another one you can do at home: freeze your baby’s favorite veggies (like carrots or celery) and simply rub them on their teeth to help numb their aching gums.
Homemade Clove Pastehomemade clove paste
Feeling crafty? Why not make some of your own teething solutions at home!? After mixing a small amount of ground cloves with some butter and letting it sit overnight in the fridge, you can make your very own homeopathic teething remedy.
As always, it’s important to contact your dentist or pediatrician before trying any of these remedies to ensure you and your child’s safety!