Since the risk assessment for kids is a lot different from adults, little ones can often get a toothache from hitting their tooth while playing or having it pulled too hard.  Even very young children with emerging teeth can experience a bit of pain during the process. Does your child have a chip in their tooth or a missing cavity? If so, better see the dentist!does your child have a toothache?
Surprisingly though, the most common types of toothaches in children are related to decay. When your child tells you their tooth hurts, the first place to start would be looking inside their mouths to see if they may have a big chunk of food stuck in between their teeth or if it’s something more sinister.
Children with food stuck between their teeth can become irritable and anxious, so be sure to floss his or her teeth well before trying anything else.
If the tooth is still causing pain, you can try putting a slice of cold cucumber in their mouth to ease the pain. Be sure to also give them the proper dose of a children’s over-the-counter pain reliever. Make sure they avoid salty, spicy or hot foods, and eat nothing too hot or too cold–you don’t want to agitate the tooth.
Try to ease their pain while you wait for a dentist appointment, reading or watching a movie with your little one might help them get their mind off of it. Don’t hesitate to call a doctor or a pediatric dentist immediately if your child’s face is swelling up or they become very sick.