From the Avondale, Mesa, and Gilbert pediatric dentist offices, we at Sun Valley want to wish you a happy 2015! May this year bring new exciting challenges, laughs, smiles, and wellbeing to your life. Have you or your children made any new years resolutions? We’d love to hear them, leave a comment below with what you’re doing to ring in the new year!

children on gym rings

This is a great time to jump start your health after all the holiday festivities, candies, pies, hot cocoa and more. The good thing about being a parent with health goals is that your children can easily fit in the mix. There’s opportunities to spend quality family time together, even on the busiest schedules. Here are some of the ways you can be healthier and more together as a family:

Prepare meals together. If weaning off fast food or frozen dinners is a goal this year, then why not get your children involved with making dinners? Of course only older children should participate in anything involving sharp objects or heat, but you’d be surprised at just how helpful a little sous chef can be. If they don’t want to cook, why not assign them to dish duty? That way you can take a breather while your child learns good habits of cleaning up after eating.

Go for bike rides or walks. While most people don’t normally care to exercise regularly, walking, biking, or playing games with your children can be a great way to inspire you all to take care of your body. This is especially true if you have a dog in the house that needs to burn off some excessive energy. Make your ventures as a family fun and full of laughter as you get the blood pumping and muscles engaged.

Take care. Make sure you and your family visit the doctor for annual check-ups, vaccines, trips to the kiddie dentist and more. Keep smiling, we’ll see you soon!