Vaccines Polio 1950sThe past 100 years have seen incredible leaps and bounds in the medical profession. While we still have a long way to go to keep our families completely happy and healthy there have been some great advances in the field of pediatrics.
Here are the greatest pediatric discoveries of the past century.

Jonas Salk and the Polio Vaccine

In post-war United States, polio was considered the most frightening of epidemics. The acute viral infection affects the nervous system which left thousands of children of crippled or confined to an “Iron Lung” which regulated breathing.
Jonas Salk made it his mission to eradicate the disease through a vaccine. After working in his own lab, Salk developed a working vaccine! Once the vaccine was approved Salk decided against patenting the vaccine so that it could be shared with the world over.
Thanks to Salk’s generosity Polio has been all but eradicated and has allowed for literally millions of children to walk and live healthy lives!

Modern Orthodontia

While some form of Orthodontia has existed since the 18th century it wasn’t until the 1930’s when the American Association of Orthodontists was formed. Since then we have seen some great leaps and bounds in teeth straightening methods for both aesthetic and functional purposes.
From the embarrassing “head gear” of the 1980’s to the innovative Invisalign for minor aesthetic changes modern orthodontia has helped children develop a healthy smile early in life so they don’t need corrective surgery in adulthood!

Pediatric Psychiatry

The field of pediatric psychiatry has grown unbelievably over the past 50 years. With psychiatrists learning to diagnosis and manage several disorders, children suffering from Autism, aspergers, bipolar disorder, and A.D.H.D have a chance to live a happy healthy life with their disorder.