With the baseball season just getting underway, it’s the perfect time to get to know the most promising members of the Arizona Diamondbacks coming into the 2016 season!
diamondbacks chase field in arizonaComing off 79 wins in the 2015 season, the Diamondbacks have high hopes for a great season with even more improvements. Having the youngest team in the National League, the Diamondbacks were still able to end the season with the number one offense, scoring more runs than any other team. New talent brings much new potential to the team that has only won one World Series, so could this year’s team be the one to bring home another victory? Here’s just a few players you might not know yet, but you will by the end of the 2016 season.

  • Wellington Castillo: As a catcher, Castillo has single handedly turned the position into a strength from the Diamondbacks. The team is currently ranked tenth in the majors all thanks to Castillo.
  • Jimmie Sherfy: Although Sherfy had a 5.1 walk per nine rate in 44 games during the 2015 season, his fastball and above average slider has big potential in becoming a Major League strike out pitch.
  • Archie Bradley: As a strong athletic pitcher with a 92-94 mph fastball, Bradley has great potential to be successful in the Major League. Since being in Arizona he has devolved quite a successful slider.
  • Braden Shipley: Shipley was a shortstop until he began pitching his sophomore year of college. With a fastball of 90-93 mph, a curveball and a changeup, Shipley flashes three above average to plus pitches.
  • Peter O’Brien: Drafted by the Yankees and then later traded to Arizona, O’Brien went from catcher to outfield. No matter what position you see him in this season, he has the power to become a household name.
  • Brandon Drury: Drury is a great batter and has a strong arm at third base as well as potential to play at second base. His advanced approach and quick swing give him great potential to be a major contributor this season.
  • Yoan Lopez: His 92-95 mph fastball along with his slider and changeup has the power to make hitters very uncomfortable in the box.
  • Jack Reinheimer: Reinheimer has great instincts at shortstop, as well as on the base path and at the plate, giving him the ability to be a consistently solid player every game.
  • Zach Greinke: Cy Young Winner, one of the best pitchers of this era. ‘Nuff said.

Don’t miss a chance to see the Arizona Diamondbacks shine with their high-talent team this year!