One of the most fulfilling lessons you’ll ever impart to your child is the ability to read, a skill that follow them their entire lives and maybe even develop into a passion. Although our main focus is a healthy smile as pediatric dentists, we value your child’s overall well-being. Here is some friendly advice on how to nourish the bookworm in your life.
Developing Reading Habits Early
Experts recommend that reading 3-4 small books with your child a day is a great target practice. From birth to 1-year-old, lullabies and picture books work exceptionally well. 1-year-old to 3-years-old is a terrific time to introduce rhyming books or song books – it stimulates their brain in a new way. 3-years-old to 5-years-old is a good time to set them on their own with alphabet books.
Every child is unique and the books they respond to and enjoy are specific to them – often times you’ll find the best books are ones that speak to your relationship. Perhaps you do a very compelling closet monster voice – looks like that book just became a classic!
Be sure to ask loads of questions throughout your designated reading time. This is a wonderful way to get your child involved and also help them think critically about the material – it does wonders for reading comprehension. Be advised, that if you’re reading to have your child pronounce words, they may not comprehend the book until you help break it down.
Reading material is everywhere! Point it out to your child and make it fun. Are you going to order pizza that night? Show your child the online order form and have them read the toppings. Are you buying new shoes? Have them read out the promotion signs posted up in the window. You can even put some fun wordage in their room or above their bed.
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