You have to hand it to our wildly imaginative kids – they sure have some crazy ideas when it comes to losing their teeth. A loose tooth and a potential visit from the Tooth Fairy is enough to send these little dreamers into overdrive. Without a doubt, these are the most elaborate ways we’ve ever heard of kids trying to lose teeth. Don’t try this at home!
String on a Doorknob
Well, now this is elaborate. According to the logic of many kids, tying a string on one end to a doorknob and the other end to your loose tooth will do the trick. Often utilized by tandems of siblings, this route of losing one’s tooth is in perhaps fueled by morbid curiosity. It goes without saying, but don’t encourage this activity at the risk of causing dental injury!
Mouthful of Bubblegum
Simple, yet effective. Chewing gum can help expedite the trek of your child’s tooth – so long as it doesn’t present a choking hazard. Very young children should avoid this altogether.
Some kids take this idea to the extreme and wad up a pack of gum to have their tooth fall out! We have to imagine this is a bit uncomfortable.
Spook Tactics
Can you scare a tooth out? Believe it or not, it happens. This theory – popularized by hundreds of kids – remains entirely unproven, but it certainly won’t stop them from trying. This route requires a friend of sibling to jump out at an opportune moment and scare the pants off the kid with a loose tooth.
Natural Courses
Patience is a virtue. We strongly recommend advocating to your kids the natural courses already occurring in their tooth loss journey. A visit from the Tooth Fairy can be exciting, but she’s been doing her thing for generations!