We’ve seen some truly epic pumpkin carving jobs in our time, but some people make this aspect of the Halloween season an art form. Get in the holiday season with a gander at some of the most impressive and eye-popping jack-o-lantern designs ever produced!
The Pumpkinceptionjack-o-lantern ideas
You know what’s more impressive than a pumpkin carving design? Another carved pumpkin inside of that carved pumpkin design!
This idea takes pumpkin carving to unprecedented heights. You really got to feel for that little pumpkin who’s barely escaping the hungry jaw of his larger friend.
The Death Star Pumpkin
This is easily one of the coolest pumpkin ideas we’ve ever seen – Star Wars fans are sure to be impressed. The designer works critical detail into creating an authentic looking Death Star, the ultimate weapon of the evil Empire. This ghastly pumpkin can destroy entire pumpkins with one blast from its devastating canon!
The Zipperface Pumpkin
The Zipperface pumpkin is where the line between fine art and Halloween pumpkin carving become totally blurred – this design literally jumps out at you. We wonder how tedious and difficult it was to fashion all those individual zipper teeth – you mess one up and the whole thing is ruined!
Would You Like Fry’s With That?
Forget about holiday scares, this designer was more concerned about inciting hunger among his audience. Feast your eyes on this one-of-a-kind hamburger pumpkin, fit with sesame seeds and even a fine bed of seasoned pumpkin French fries. Why is our mouth watering?
Where the Wild Things Are
Every kid knows the story of Max and his visit among the Wild Things. Here that timeless children’s book is celebrated in vivid authenticity – you can tell the artist is a true fan! There’s nothing cooler than seeing a book come to life, on a pumpkin no less!