We all know kids have the greatest imaginations anywhere in the world. Some of us may be surprised to learn many of the coolest inventions around are the result of these young dreamers.
Sun Valley encourages kids to be creative – you never know who the next inventor will be!
The Water Talkie
Ever tried to have a conversation underwater? Most people haven’t tried this since they were kids, so leave it to one 11-year-old to dream up a sub-aquatic communication device.
Richie Stachowski was out surfing with his dad in Hawaii when inspiration struck. Seeing so many beautiful things under the water made Richie wish he could talk about them.
After much experimenting, Richie eventually developed a prototype Water Talkie – a conical device fit with a blow valve and plastic membrane. The device enables its user to communicate underwater up to 15 feet away!
The Trampoline
What childhood would be complete without a trampoline? You might find it ironic the device was originally conceived in 1930 by 16-year-old George Nissen.
Inspired by the trapeze artists he idolized, George thought it would be more exciting if a person could stay in constant motion. His original design consisted of a metal frame with a stretch canvas. Originally dubbed the ‘bouncing rig’, the trampoline has seriously evolved.
Magnetic Locker Wallpaper
Personalization is everything when you’re in school – a time when you’re allowed to really figure yourself out. 14-year-old inventor Sarah Buckel found a cool way to cash in on the trend with her magnetic locker wallpaper.
Citing her reluctance to scrape out stickers and other locker décor at the end of the year, Sarah opted for something more temporary. These simple to use strips proved the ultimate solution and gave her and her friends a chance to express themselves at school!