Today in cool animal profiles we wanted to write about someone who really sticks his neck out there for the animal kingdom, the giraffe!emergency kids dentist az
Giraffes are the tallest mammals in the world, towering above the great plains of Africa at an average of 14 to 19 ft in total height. It’s not just a long neck that contributes to that impressive stature – the average giraffe leg is taller than most humans at roughly 6 ft. Giraffes are one animal that certainly beg the question, hey buddy, how’s the weather up there?
Those long legs allow the giraffe to carry a tremendous stride, capable of reaching speeds upwards of 35 MPH. These amazing creatures most often roam the grasslands as a family, it’s not uncommon to see half a dozen travel together.
Giraffes are herbivores, meaning they feed upon plants – it’s likely the reason their necks are so long – fresh foliage is hard to come by in the grasslands! Using their height to their advantage, giraffes commonly feed among the treetops where few other animals can reach. It’s like having your own tables reserved all over the place!
The giraffe’s tongue is incredibly long too. Measuring out to nearly 21-inches (or 53-centimters), the tongue allows the giraffe to snag tasty food from the tallest branches. Fun fact – the tongue is actually black in color.
Giraffes spend most of their time eating, and you probably would too if you had anywhere from 1,750 – 2,800 lbs of body weight to support! They spend a great deal of their time traveling around for miles looking for food as things are often scarce amid the African savanna.
All that height can be cumbersome – giraffes tend to drink standing up and even give birth from this position. New baby giraffes receive a rude awakening, as they plummet nearly 5 feet to the ground after delivery. It only takes an infant giraffe 10 hours to run following birth!
For more information on the giraffe, be sure to visit National Geographic!