shutterstock_98510642Choosing a first pet is a big decision for both your children and your family. Pets are not simply fun, lovable balls of fur they are also a big responsibility that will live through your child’s younger years into adolescence and adulthood.
Before choosing the first pet for your family, make sure that you understand that pets are a commitment not simply a cute household accessory.


Dogs are the most popular companion animal in the U.S. but they can also be the most work when it comes to common animals. Puppies require diligent obedience training before they learn to relieve themselves outside, stop chewing your shoes, and going through the trash. Consider going through a pet adoption service.


Cats come in second place when it comes to popularity in the U.S. Cats require considerably less training than dogs but they still must learn to use a litter box and not “mark their territory” within your homes. Additionally, more Americans are allergic to cat hair than the fur of any other animals. Make sure your family is not affected by feline friends before brining on into your home.

Cage Pets

If your family is not ready to commit to the responsibility of getting a cat or a dog than a cage pet might be the best option for you. There are several options of cage pets that can give your child a taste of the responsibility needed for a larger pet like cats or dogs.
Guinea pigs are a popular option among young families they are social creatures and are happiest in pairs. They are easy to tame, easy to handle and rarely bite. Other cage animals include rats, hamsters, gerbils, mice, geckos, and fish.
No matter what animal you eventually decide on remember that pets need dental care too!