As a parent you want the best for your child, but sometimes knowing what that is can feel complicated. Choosing a pediatric dentist is an important decision. Both you and your child should feel happy and comfortable when you find the right one. Here are some tips to help you find a dentist that is a good fit for your child’s individual needs.

The Differences Between Pediatric and Family Practices

There are several key differences between a pediatric dentist and a family dentist and it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each when choosing a dentist for your child.

Family dentists can provide a wide variety of dental services to patients of all different ages, so it can give you and your child the opportunity to visit the same dentist together for all of your family’s dental care needs. There will also be no need to switch dentists when your child grows up into adulthood. These are all excellent reasons to choose a family dentist.

However, choosing a pediatric dentist also has many advantages. Pediatric dentists study for an extra two years beyond that of general dentistry in order to specialize in dental care for children. A pediatric dentist and their staff will have more training and experience working with children of all ages, personalities, and developmental capabilities, from infants to teens. Their office will also likely be thoughtfully designed to cater to kids, with features such as smaller patient chairs, smaller tools that are more comfortable for tiny mouths, and fun toys and child-friendly entertainment to help distract them during dental procedures.

General Things to Look For

When looking for a dentist, it can be helpful to look online at different dental offices in your area to see if they are a good match for your family. Check the location and hours to ensure that you won’t have to travel long distances and the dentist will be available at times that are convenient for your family’s schedule. Read the biography of the dentist to find out more about their experience, personality, and specialties. If your child is covered by an insurance plan, call to find out if the dentist is within their network of coverage to help reduce costs.

The Dentist Should be Fun

When choosing a pediatric dentist, it can be helpful to visit in person before making your decision so that you can experience the feel of the office and meet the staff. It’s normal for your child to feel shy in a new environment, but visiting the dentist should be a fun and positive experience and you’ll know when you find the right fit.

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