Is your child brushing properly? Many parents can’t answer such a pointed question about their child’s oral health habits. Instead of hoping for the best during the nightly routine, let’s refocus efforts to enforce better habits. Their smiles will thank you for it later!
making toothbrushing fun for kids
Consistently is key when it comes to brushing properly. Your child should be brushing every morning and every night before and after sleep. It’s also great practice to have your child brush up following a sugary snack – the longer sugar is exposed to teeth, the more it promotes cavities.
How does your child brush? Your dentist might sound like a broken record, but brushing in small circles is essential for removing the most plaque and food debris. Ensure your child isn’t hastily scrubbing back & forth as they brush, this adds a tremendous boost to their hygiene.
How long does your child brush during their routine? Dentists recommend that adults and children brush for no less than two full minutes before calling it quits. If your child struggles with hitting that mark, there are fun smartphone apps designed specifically for this. You can also find ‘singing’ toothbrushes that play music for the full duration of a proper brush – all great tools in this department.
Flossing is also an essential component of good brushing habits – it finishes the work that your toothbrush simply can’t do, reaching into those narrow spaces between teeth to remove plaque and debris. Talk to your kids about flossing and pick up some dental flossers specifically tailored to them – flossing doesn’t have to feel like such a chore!
If your child can go the extra mile, incorporating an approved mouthwash, one designed for kids, is the perfect cap to a great routine. These mouthwashes can even help kids see the areas they missed while brushing.