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chewing gum

Chewing Gum’s Effect on Teeth

Many people believe, thanks to advertisements and other media, that chewing gum can help clean your teeth and freshen your breath, especially after a meal. Chewing gum can help stimulate saliva flow, which is the body’s natural defense against bacteria on your teeth, but there are other factors that determine whether or not it’s good… Read more

baby prince george

Famous Babies’ Smiles: Then and Now

While we’re all prone to awkward and silly baby pictures, the children of celebrities around the world have a nice balance of fashionable ones. Being in the spotlight of the entertainment world means getting lots of pictures taken, some of which are bound to turn out well. Here’s a look at some of the famous… Read more

smiley mother and dauther

Is Tooth Decay Genetic?

When it comes to the concept of genetic disposition to conditions, the jury’s still out on how important it is in regards to your oral health. Some studies have suggested that tooth decay can be the result of a combination of factors, including genetics and dental hygiene habits. There are a few reasons why genetics… Read more

teething baby with her mother

DIY Teething Remedies

Teething is not a fun stage of life, for either the parent or the child. Nevertheless, it is an unavoidable phase of growing up. Usually, teething will begin around the ages of 4 and 7 months, but can begin as early as 3 months or as late as a year old. Teething is simply the… Read more