For many kids ‘back to school’ is synonymous with ‘back to sports’, which has our AZ pediatrics gearing up for custom mouthguard season. This simple dental device is one of the most reliable ways to keep your child’s smile protected on the playing field this school year.
Dental injuries happen frequently. It doesn’t take much physical contact to chip a tooth, push a permanent tooth out of alignment or worse. One slipup on the playing field can open a whole can of worms, costly dental repairs you never anticipated. It obviously pays to prepare.
Custom mouthguards are designed specifically to protect your child’s teeth, ensuring essential safety and providing the utmost comfort. We take an impression of your child’s existing bite and create a guard that fits seamlessly during physical activities.
How does it feel to wear a custom mouthguard? It certainly requires some getting used to but just about anything feels better than a chipped tooth! Many of our young patients report they hardly notice their mouthguard is there – before long you won’t even notice when it’s inside your mouth.
You might be surprised to learn how many child athletes would benefit from a custom mouthguard. Those high-flying cheerleaders run a similar risk of dental injuries as your average football player. From basketball, baseball, wrestling and even less contact-oriented sports – just about every kid benefits from dental protection!
These simple devices are the best defense we have against common injuries. We hate to see kids suffer from dental injuries and consider it our responsibility to educate them about prevention, providing the essential materials they need to safeguard their forever smile.
If your child experiences a dental emergency, please don’t hesitate to call us! We offer same day service in these cases and provide essential relief. We’re happy to discuss custom mouthguard options with you to ensure no grizzly dental injuries compromise your child’s smile in the future.