Whether you have your kids stuck indoors due to a rainy day or are hosting a party full of young ones, you need the occasional easy-to-do DIY project to keep the children entertained. If you and your children enjoy making arts and crafts out of everyday household items, look no further! These awesome toilet paper roll crafts will be a hit with any kid!

Awesome Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Heart-Shaped Stamps

Although Valentine’s Day is five months away, these heart-shaped stamps are still great for using on cards to relatives or decorating a poster or picture frame.
All you’ll need to get started is some paint, a toilet paper roll and a piece of tape… that’s it! Simply press the roll flat and bend the roll inwards to make the shape of a heart. Tape the roll in this position and dip it into the paint of your choosing. Start stamping and have some fun!
via Rust and Sunshine

 Bird Feeders

This one is great for anytime of the year, especially here in the valley! You’ll need some toilet paper rolls, string, peanut butter, bird feeder, and some glue and some tissue paper.

Start off by decorating the bottom of the tube first. You can use the glue and tissue paper to make ribbons of all the colors you want! Next, use a pair of scissors or a whole puncher to make a hole at the top of the roll. Tie the string to the roll and spread the peanut butter over the roll. Cover the roll with bird feeder and hang the tube in the desired location. Sit back and watch the birds begin to feast!

via Creative Jewish Mom

Toilet Paper Roll Bat


With Halloween right around the corner, this craft will be a great way to get the kids in a spooooky mood!

All you’ll need is your toilet paper rolls, some black paint (and a paintbrush or two), some googly eyes, black paper, and some tape or glue.

First, you’ll want to fold the ends of the toilet paper roll in and tape them closed. Then, begin painting the toilet paper roll black and cut out some bat wings from the black paper. Once the paint is dry, glue the roll to the middle of the wings and glue on the googly eyes.

via Crafty Morning