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Parents might be shaking their heads with the approaching holiday season – so much downtime sure breeds a lot of trouble for kids! Looking to keep your children more active this year while they’re not in school? Sun Valley’s creative team has some awesome craft ideas, guaranteed to entertain!

photo and tutorial by the properpinwheel

photo and tutorial by the properpinwheel

The Pinecone Chandelier
What can you do will all those extra pine cones laying around this season? Making a nifty chandelier certainly works as one of the better ideas. Here’s what you need …

  • Pine cones
  • Embroidery hoops (medium & large)
  • Feathers
  • Glitter
  • Hot glue gun
  • White thread
  • White/Silver Spray Paint
  • Scissors

You’ll begin by coating the pine cones you retrieved with a fresh coat of spray paint. After spraying each, immediately apply some glitter so it adheres to the wet paint.
Next, tie the embroidery hoops together so there’s an inner circle. You’ll want to secure string in multiple areas to make sure it’s good and tight.
Continue on by wrapping some thread around the tip of each feather you plan to use. Tie a knot and leave a tail that measures out to 12 inches or longer.
Cut different lengths of thread and tie a knot at one end – the different lengths are important to create various levels of your chandelier. Apply hot glue to the bottom of each pine cone and place the thread inside. This process will allow the pine cones to hand more evenly.
Begin tying feathers and the free hanging cones to the inner and outer embroidery hoops. Have fun with the leveling – the different lengths will make the chandelier more dynamic, so keep it random!
After you have secured the fixtures to the hoops, your chandelier is complete! You can tie new pieces of string to the outer hoop to create a hanging fixture. Find the perfect place to hang your new craft – above the table, near a window, wherever – and have a great season!
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