lynxToday in awesome animal profiles, we take a look at the majestic Lynx – that’s no ordinary housecat!
The lynx is a stealthy creature you’re not likely to bump into anytime soon. Hunting only at night and staying reclusive during the day, these carnivorous cats measure about 32-40 from head to body with an additional tail 4-8 in length.
Fairly light on their feet, these tranquil beauties generally weigh anywhere between 22-44 lbs. Their big meaty paws actually double as a natural snow shoe, having the ability to spread. The winter elements are no match for this kitty.
The lynx is most populous within the forests of North America, Europe, and Asia, these beautiful big cats are instantly recognizable from their thick fur and characteristic black ears – should you actually encounter them.
You might assume such an elegant creature would surely have an elegant speaking voice, but … not so much – the lynx sure does make some curious sounds! Check out this video of two feline friends communicating – we’ve never heard anything like it!
Don’t let their cute appearance fool you, these cats are exceptional hunters. Finely tuned hearing gives them an edge in the food chain, the black tuft of their ear actually working as a hearing aid. The lynx also has superior eyesight, easily capable of spotting a mouse upwards of 250 feet away.
The lynx’s diet differs quite a bit from your average housecat – these guys prefer to chow down on mice, squirrel, and birds – but nothing compares to the snowshoe hare. Researchers have noted the already threatened species of lynx fluctuates in population in direct relation to the snowshoe hare.
While you won’t be able to adopt a lynx as a house pet anytime soon, you certainly can appreciate their natural charm from afar!