halloween boo bashOn Friday, October 16th, 2015, the City of Avondale will present the annual Avondale Resident Appreciation/Boo Bash event that’s free and open to residents of Avondale and the West Valley. Coinciding with preparations for Halloween, this gives residents a chance to learn more about the different departments of the city and to learn more about public safety. Here’s some more info on the event.
Taking place on Western Avenue, the former main street of Avondale, the event highlights Avondale’s historic areas and the unique local businesses that are currently there. Running from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., the event includes live entertainment, giveaways, activities and educational games for kids as well as several food vendors. The annual event also includes:

  • Interactive booths that highlight city programs and services
  • The Avondale annual resident survey
  • Local mascots and other special guests
  • Meet and greet with local police officers
  • Close-up looks at police vehicles and tactical gear
  • Crime prevention and safety tips
  • Costume contest
  • “Trick-or-treating” at every booth
  • Pumpkin carving

The city departments are also charged with presenting the most creative interactive booth for the event. Last year’s winner was a “Wizard of Oz” display with the city manager as the wizard.
In conjunction with the Historic Avondale Merchants Association, the city of Avondale brings you the Resident Appreciation Night/Boo Bash as part of its Out and About monthly series, which also includes concerts, movie nights, block parties and holiday events that take place throughout the year. For a full listing of events as well as opportunities to become involved in the community, visit Avondale’s website.