Arizona is a growing state with multiple different eco-systems where the family can enjoy lots of different activities. Whether it’s hitting the mountain for a hike, camping in the wilderness, or enjoying one of our many theme parks, Arizona is filled with hidden gems!

Hike Fat Man’s Pass

This is a great hike in Ahwatukee’s South Mountain Park. The path is a loop so you never have to double back. There are also several entrances to the loop, so whether you want to go on a quick 1-mile hike or a longer 5-mile hike it’s perfect!
The hike is relatively flat so it’s perfect for families with children or dogs! The hike culminates at Fat Man’s Pass which is a small rock formation where you have to be skinny to get through! Don’t worry the pass is a couple feet wide and there is a back entrance.
Bring a picnic basket for a fun family lunch or romantic getaway.

Hell’s Gate

The aptly named Hell’s Gate is a tough 11 mile hike deep into a canyon. The trail is consistently about 1 mile up then another mile into you get into bottom of a canyon with a refreshing creek with some great cliff jumping.
Be warned the final mile into the canyon is a straight one-mile down making it difficult to climb out. You will need to bring backpacking gear and it’s recommended you spend the night before leaving the creek. If you are in great shape and don’t mind roughing it Hell’s Gate is an absolutely beautiful hike.

Visit a Water Park

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There are a couple different water parks in the valley. During those hot summer months you need a way to cool down and these are just the ticket. There is Wet n’ Wild in Phoenix, Sunsplash in Mesa, and Big Surf in Tempe.