As you can see by our website and all our Phoenix area dental offices, we’re WILD about animals. Every time we hear a story about poachers or deforestation it breaks our hearts. Are you an animal lover too? If so, we compiled a list of ways to get involved with African wildlife without buying a plane ticket!

Adopt a giraffe.

Don’t worry, you’re not going to receive a big wooden box on your doorstep next week! But, through the World Wildlife Fund, you can adopt an animal of your choosing whether it’s a giraffe, elephant, or non-African animal. When you adopt, you get a photo of your animal, a plush toy to cuddle (cuddling giraffes can be difficult) and an adoption certificate in a gift bag.  The animal stays back in his or her home, with food and veterinary care, thanks to you!

adopt a giraffe at WWF


If you visit Charity Navigator, you can find several legitimate places and causes to donate to. The African Widlife Foundation is in good standing, along with The Wild Animal Sanctuary and Environmental Defense Center.  Through one of the many charities, you can make sure that your donation helps animals grow and thrive, especially ones faced with the possibility of extinction.
toys for tigers program az

Toys for Tigers

Did you know that Arizona’s Out of Africa Park adopts animals which were rescued because of health issues, abandonment, abusive owners, or were illegally obtained?
You can donate an industrial strength toy to the animals at this park too, but these aren’t your kitty’s toys–we’re talking: Kongs, pool floaters (animal and tire shaped), boomer balls, and rope! Don’t have some of these gently used items around?You can also give CDs with nature sounds, essential oils, chimes, buckets, coolers, pillowcases and much more!