Woah, woah, woah – let’s get this straight … you don’t use mouthwash? Don’t get embarrassed, you’re not alone on this one but we seriously need to chat! There are plenty of great reasons to incorporate mouthwash into your nightly routine. Check it out!
Bacteria is nasty
Bacteria is downright filthy! Invisible to the naked eye, this destructive force of nature can wreak havoc on those hard to reach spots in the mouth and spread decay. Using mouthwash in your cleaning routine is the best way to put this yucky stuff in its place once and for all!
Your toothbrush can’t do it all
Try as it might, your valiant toothbrush can’t fight off tooth decay on its own. You know how Batman had Robin come in and help fight off the bad guys? Mouthwash is kind of like that trusty sidekick, doing all the dirty work.
Another weapon against tooth decay
Tooth decay and bacteria don’t play by the rules – you need every weapon you can get your hands on in this fight. There are no better reinforcements in the business than mouthwash, crushing these menacing foes in their path while reinvigorating your teeth. Hoorah!
Your breath smells better
Nobody wants their breath to smell like the dirty socks at the bottom of the laundry basket – mouthwash ensures it never does. Bacteria is a common culprit of stinky breath, making mouthwash a formidable ally.
Mouthwash makes your tongue happy
Your tongue works hard and never takes a day off – make sure you take care of it! Aside from scrubbing your tongue with the toothbrush, mouthwash is the best way to keep your tongue happy. The surface of your tongue can become a breeding ground for bacteria, which, as we’ve already covered, is gross.