There are several reasons why you might visit our offices. Here are 5 (more) dental ailments and how we go about remedying the situation.

Tooth Sensitivitydental-care-300x199

Have you ever bitten into a piece of ice cream or sipped on hot coffee and felt a searing pain run up your gums? You could be suffering from tooth sensitivity. This is caused when the gums recede as little as 1 or 2 millimeters.
The root surface, which is incredibly sensitive, is then exposed to the elements causing pain and discomfort.

Yellow Teeth

Everybody wants to have that movie star smile, but over time your pearly whites can lose their sheen. Some of the major culprits for yellowing teeth are cigarettes, red wine, coffee and sugary soda.
Yellow teeth can be remedied through several different methods including an in-house bleaching procedure, trays, or over-the-counter whitening strips.


Perhaps the most common dental ailment, cavities are caused when bacteria in the mouth are left untreated and bore tiny holes in the tooth. This comes as a result of the poor home care and a diet consisting of sugary candy and soda pop.
If you have a cavity your dentist will perform a filling. To avoid cavities all together remember to brush twice a day and never forget to floss.

Wisdom Teeth

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth removed. Removal is only required when an individual doesn’t have enough space in their jaw for the new teeth to move into place.
If are feeling pressure in the back of your jaw this may mean that your teeth have partially erupted and you will need to undergo a wisdom tooth removal procedure.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding or Bruxism is a destructive condition that can harm the enamel of teeth.  The most common causes for bruxism are stress and misaligned teeth. Some ways to remedy the problem are to wear a mouth guard at night or to undergo orthodontic treatment.