Nothing opens the door to your child’s imagination quite like a well designed bedroom. Considered their sanctuary from the world, this is their territory — provided they clean it occasionally.
Over the course of our research we’ve found some pretty amazing designs for kids rooms, rooms that exceed the simple weekend DIY project. Check out some of our favorites!

The Dino Bed

dinosaur kids bed
Kids will never stop loving dinosaurs. What could possibly be cooler than modeling their bedroom out of the scene from the Jurassic period? This 3D T-Rex bed brings a whole new dimension of fun to this family home. We have no shame in telling you that even as adults we’re green (like our lizard friends) with envy over this design.

The Cosmic Theme

space theme kids bed
Does your child boldly choose to embark where no child has before? The cosmic theme dares to cross that threshold of the final frontier. A beautifully designed ceiling of the solar system will give them plenty to stare at each night as they drift off to sleep.

The Great Outdoors

camping kids room
This camping themed bedroom allows your child to experience the great outdoors every night they turn out the light! Better yet, they don’t need to pack the insect repellent.

Treehouse Bed

treehouse bed
This smart design combines all the practicality of a modern bedroom with a criminally fun treehouse setting. Warning: you might not see your kid for days at a time.

Super Mario Bros

super mario bros
This room brings the classic Mario Bros game to life — watch out for any koopas lurking under the bed