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Is Tooth Decay Genetic?

When it comes to the concept of genetic disposition to conditions, the jury’s still out on how important it is in regards to your oral health. Some studies have suggested that tooth decay can be the result of a combination of factors, including genetics and dental hygiene habits. There are a few reasons why genetics… Read more

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Information on Tooth Decay

If you’ve ever been told as a kid that you have a cavity, then you’ve experienced firsthand what tooth decay is. While we’ve all been told by our dentists as children that cavities are bad, not everyone may know what they are exactly and how they start. Here’s some more information on what tooth decay… Read more

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Preventing Halloween Cavities

There is an old joke that suggests the busiest time of year for dentists must be around Halloween time. While that’s not necessarily true – sorry, amateur comedians – it’s easy to understand the perception with so much candy laying around. Are you worried that your child’s new candy diet will affect his or her… Read more

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Foods Your Kids Should Avoid

There is a popular expression when it comes to eating, everything in moderation. While the occasional indulgence is perfectly acceptable – if not encouraged, come on people – there are some foods your kids should practice avoiding. Allow us to steer you in the right direction. Sugar is definitely delicious but it’s also highly destructive… Read more