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Got March Madness? Don’t forget your mouthguard

Do you have a young athlete in the family dreaming of NCAA glory?  Don’t forget this crucial piece of equipment to keep their teeth safe while they chase their hoop dreams. Who Needs a Mouthguard? Mouth guards should be used by anyone—both children and adults—who play contact sports such as football, boxing, soccer, ice hockey,… Read more

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What happens if my child never gets braces?

It’s easy to think that orthodontists (dentists who specialize in tooth alignment) may be a bit overzealous in their recommendations that every minor misalignment must be corrected with braces, and that the high price tag should be paid for them.  Orthodontists correct what they call malocclusion, or bad bite. In the perfect mouth, the top… Read more

How to talk your teen out of getting oral piercings

Oral piercings have been all the rage for teens and young adults over the past fifteen years, and if you’re the parent of a teenager, chances are, your teen has asked (or begged or whined about) getting their tongue or lips pierced at some point. If your teenager wants to get an oral piercing, talk… Read more

Is Your Teen Considering Teeth Whitening?

Your teens have two options when trying to achieve that pearly white, movie star smile; in office teeth bleaching and at-home care. Both teeth whitening options utilize peroxide-based bleaching agents. With an in-office bleaching results are immediate, the relatively quick procedure requires patients to visit their dentist where he/she will use a much stronger bleaching… Read more