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How is a Pediatric Dentist Specially Qualified?

If you’re a new parent, you have a lot of bases to cover to make sure your newborn grows up strong and healthy. This includes making sure her oral health is in great shape from day one. If you have questions about the best ways to take care of your child’s teeth and gums, your… Read more

Happy New Years from Sun Valley!

From the Avondale, Mesa, and Gilbert pediatric dentist offices, we at Sun Valley want to wish you a happy 2015! May this year bring new exciting challenges, laughs, smiles, and wellbeing to your life. Have you or your children made any new years resolutions? We’d love to hear them, leave a comment below with what… Read more

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Awesome Holiday Crafts Kids Love

Parents might be shaking their heads with the approaching holiday season – so much downtime sure breeds a lot of trouble for kids! Looking to keep your children more active this year while they’re not in school? Sun Valley’s creative team has some awesome craft ideas, guaranteed to entertain! The Pinecone Chandelier What can you… Read more

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Awesome Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Whether you have your kids stuck indoors due to a rainy day or are hosting a party full of young ones, you need the occasional easy-to-do DIY project to keep the children entertained. If you and your children enjoy making arts and crafts out of everyday household items, look no further! These awesome toilet paper… Read more

the importance of flossing in kids

Importance of Flossing in Kids

Healthy habits start at an early age. That’s why it’s vital for you to incorporate the importance of flossing when teaching your child how to brush. Explain to your kids that brushing only helps to eliminate a certain amount of bacteria in the mouth, and that flossing helps get rid of food particles and other… Read more