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Is Your Child Brushing Properly?

Is your child brushing properly? Many parents can’t answer such a pointed question about their child’s oral health habits. Instead of hoping for the best during the nightly routine, let’s refocus efforts to enforce better habits. Their smiles will thank you for it later! Consistently is key when it comes to brushing properly. Your child… Read more

Fun Foaming Toothpaste Experiment

Did you know that you can have fun with your toothpaste outside of your daily brushing routine? We found this fun “elephant toothpaste” experiment from the family blog Come Together Kids that turns regular toothpaste into a foaming explosion. This is a great experiment for children three and older. Here is what you will need… Read more

Five Foods that Are Great for Teeth

We have gone over the importance of brushing and flossing as it pertains to oral health, but did you know that what you eat can also help your oral health. Milk The benefits of milk extend past the proper growth of your bones! Milk is rich is calcium which can help protect your teeth against… Read more

What Causes Teeth to Yellow?

There are several causes for the discoloration of teeth. Here are the major culprits for yellowing teeth! Food & Drink Various foods can stain your teeth with varying degrees of discoloration. The best way to prevent stains to brush immediately after completing a meal.  Foods that can stain your teeth include, Black Tea Coffee Soda… Read more

Pediatricians to Find for Your Children

As your family grows you will need to employ to services of not just one pediatrician but multiple physicians to ensure the health and safety of your family. Here is the list of pediatricians to find for your children. General Pediatrician Whether your child is suffering from a cold or they simply need a check-up,… Read more