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laughing gas mask on a patient

Is Laughing Gas Safe for My Child?

Laughing gas is a light sedative that can help ease your child’s fear and anxiety at the dentist. It is a safe way to calm children when undergoing something that may seem scary, and it typically used during procedures like cavity fillings. Although it may seem intimidating to parents, it does not harm your child… Read more

Avondale’s Viva Festival is Back

The City of Avondale invites you to this year’s Out and About event to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at the Avondale Viva Fiesta! Bring the family down to Western Avenue on Saturday, April 30th and enjoy the lively street festival with music, food, drinks, arts and crafts, dancing and live entertainment. Do you have the… Read more

arizona diamondbacks logo

Get to Know the New Arizona Diamondbacks Players!

With the baseball season just getting underway, it’s the perfect time to get to know the most promising members of the Arizona Diamondbacks coming into the 2016 season! Coming off 79 wins in the 2015 season, the Diamondbacks have high hopes for a great season with even more improvements. Having the youngest team in the… Read more

brushing teeth

Fun Ways to Get your Kids to Brush for 2 Minutes

For kids, brushing their teeth can be a boring and obligatory part of their day. Chances are they would rather be out with their friends or playing video games than improving their dental health! However, there are several ways that you can get your kids to actually enjoy brushing! Here are some fun ways to… Read more

youth football player who needs a mouthguard

Which Sports Should My Child Wear a Mouthguard for?

Do you have a young athlete at home? While getting involved in sports is a great way for a child to stay healthy and build confidence, it’s important to make sure your child’s protected while out on the field or court. There’s an often overlooked piece of equipment that’s vital to your child’s oral health:… Read more