What Animal Has the Strongest Bite in the World?
Our planet is filled with fascinating creatures of all shapes and sizes. Some animals are friendly, while others are extremely deadly. There are even animals on our planet that have been around for millions of years!
With so many incredibly powerful beasts roaming the earth, have you ever wondered what animal has the strongest bite in the world? We’ve searched far and wide for such an animal and came up with a result that may surprise you. Take a look below!

What Animal Has the Strongest Bite in the World?

Although many people would think that the lion or maybe even the brown bear would have the strongest bite in the world, it’s actually none other than the salt water crocodile. For many years, in fact, most scientists believed the strongest bite belonged to the Nile crocodile, who has a bite of 5000 PSI (pounds per square inch).
With a bite of 7700 PSI, the salt water crocodile can be found in a number of places around the world including Inida, Asia, and Australia. As its name suggests, the salt water crocodile can primarily be seen in salty waters, lagoons, swamps, and salt rivers.
Growing up to almost 20 feet in length, the salt water crocodile is by far the largest living reptile and can live to be anywhere from 60-75 years old. The salt water crocodile can reach speeds up to 18 miles per hour while swimming in the water — that’s three times faster than the fastest human swimmer!
What would you do if you saw a salt water crocodile in the wild?!