Fun Ways to Get your Kids to Brush for 2 Minutes

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For kids, brushing their teeth can be a boring and obligatory part of their day. Chances are they would rather be out with their friends or playing video games than improving their dental health! However, there are several ways that you can get your kids to actually enjoy brushing!

Here are some fun ways to get your kids to brush for 2 minutes.

Monkey See Monkey Do!

Set a good example for your kids by brushing your teeth with them! Challenge your kids to brush exactly like you and have them mirror your actions exactly. This turns brushing into a fun game! You can vary the speed at with you brush to keep your kids on their toes, just make sure you do it for 2 minutes!

Create a Brushing Calendar

brushing teethRewarding your kids for doing a good job brushing is a fun and easy way to get them to brush consistently. Purchase or print out a calendar featuring your kids favorite characters from television and film, add a smiley face sticker to the calendar every time they do a good job brushing! After a certain number of days, reward your child with a stuffed animal or doll!

Dance and Listen to Music

There are tons of popular songs out there, and chances are you children love to dance along. Pick one of your kids favorite songs and have them dance while brushing their teeth. In fact, there is even an app for iPhone and Android that helps you do this. Brush DJ can be found on the Apple Store and helps time out the perfect brushing schedule.

Try New Toothpaste and Toothbrushes

Kids tend to identify with their favorite characters from the movies, comics books or television. Most popular characters also happen to have their own lines of toothpaste and toothbrushes. Sometimes getting your children to brush for two minutes is as easy as buying a Spiderman or Frozen tooth brush!

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